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An abacus is an instrument which brings many benefits to the ones who master it. Nevertheless, parents might have certain doubts as they contemplate getting their children to learn abacus. A common question raised is, ‘Can learning abacus improve children’s academic performance?’

There are multiple factors at play here. Let us take a quick look at how learning abacus can bring about a positive effect on a child’s academic skills.

Get the best scores in math

Mathematics is sometimes unfairly viewed as a difficult subject even before a child can give it a chance. The abacus way of doing math requires both analytical and creative thinking that may change children’s perspectives about their math abilities. When a child finds math enjoyable, it is likely that they also find it easier and understand it better. As a result, they may do better at school as well!

Not only can learning Abacus make math fun for children, but it can also gift them arithmetic superpowers. This is because it involves both analytical and creative thinking. Our Abacus Masters are taught to visualise the beads while solving arithmetic calculations and get the solutions in a matter of seconds.

Added Memory and Concentration

With the practice of visualization and other abacus skills, children can enhance their concentration and memory skills. These skills can translate into other learning contexts, like being more attentive in school and retaining learned concepts for longer. Positive experiences with learning can boost students’ intrinsic motivation to learn math and thus, increase their academic performances as well. 

Boost to cognitive abilities

Being both creative and academically proficient is quite a rare combination. The visualization aspect of abacus math blends the analytic with the creative. This can enhance logical as well as creative capabilities. 

Abacus can be an invaluable asset for children to develop their mental skills and enjoy significant success in academics. So, what are you waiting for? Enrol your child to our abacus training program now!

Sharmila Suresh

Sharmila Suresh

Sharmila Suresh is the Program Director and an Abacus instructor for over 3 years. Her philosophy is to create an environment that fosters the importance of learning and a strong work ethic. She is very passionate and teaches from the heart while allowing students to discover their abilities and mould them into confident individuals.