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Abacus Training Program

AbacusMaster Canada aims at helping students overcome the fear of solving Math problems with ease.

Our Abacus Program helps children improve their academic performance, boost self-confidence and develop photographic memory.

Today Is The Day To Learn Something New

Our abacus training program aims to train children to solve arithmetic problems easily.


Online Classes (Age 6+)

There are four classes per month (1 class per week), each class is 1 hour long. Our online classes comprise of 8 levels, with each level taking 3-4 months on an average for completion, which again depends upon the needs of the student.


Fast Track Classes (Age 10+)

There are two classes per month. All the 8 levels will be completed in a span of 12-15 months.


Self-Learning Portal (Any Age Group)

Study at your own pace and convenience using Abacusmaster Canada’s Self Learning Portal. Opt for our Gold or Premium package paying a one time fee and make the entire platform yours.