Dropping and Pick up

We expect parents or guardians to drop-off and pick-up their children before and after classes, respectively. During class time, parents or guardians are welcome to wait in our waiting area.

Home work:

Homework is a vital part of our abacus training program. We meticulously factor in students’ specific needs while prescribing homework. Thus, while we aim to integrate fun into learning, we also expect our students to complete their weekly homework before their next class. At AbacusMaster Canada, we believe that practice both in class and at home is key to more efficient learning.

Healthy Environment

At AbacusMaster Canada, we value the safety and wellbeing of our students, as our top priority. We carefully select and train our instructors to maintain an engaging, safe and fun environment for the students. During breaks, we also encourage our students to engage in games and creative activities, with their peers.

Our Staff

Our personnel are the backbone of our institution. We are grateful for our remarkable set of passionate educators who create an engaging and encouraging environment for our students so that they can best explore and enjoy math as an activity.

Parent-Instructor Relationships

Parents and guardians have a vital role in the childrens’ learning processes. We hope to maintain strong communication with students and their parents, about their progress. Instructors may leave notes in students’ abacus workbooks, or talk to parents before or after class. Important details regarding the program, class schedule, etc.will be communicated to students in-person and via email/texts. We keep close tabs on the performance of our students and always keep parents in the loop.

How To Pay?

We accept course fee payments in advance on a monthly basis. The monthly fee corresponds to 4 sessions (i.e. 4 weeks) and is payable on or before the first day of each month. A two-month notice is required for withdrawing from the program. Cheques that are returned will incur a $25 service charge. Any fee that is paid is non-refundable.