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AbacusMaster Portal is incorporated with one of it's kind features, which enchances the abacus learning procees making it more interesting and enjoyable.

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NOTE: For Premium Module Expert assistance of 24 hours shall be provided within 1 year of Registration.

Abacus Learning Portal

Study Abacus Using Structured Programme
Programme Structure

Our program is structured into 8 levels and aims to equip students with the skills to use the abacus method efficiently, while performing arithmetic operations (i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication & division)

Best Abacus Learning Tips
Learning Tips

Learning methods require customisation based on students’ individual needs. In general, a slow and dedicated process helps students gain a comprehensive understanding while they are being introduced to the abacus. Practice is key to the learning process.

Abacus learning demands for patient and persistent practice. Cramming the entire spectrum of abacus techniques into 2-3 months doesn't do any good for students. It is only with practice that the students can build up their proficiency at doing arithmetic with an abacus: starting from small numbers and then progressing to larger ones.

Abacus Portal Highlights

With interactive features and quality content, our portal is the most efficient tool to learn abacus online.

  • The program covers topics including Abacus Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.
  • Entertaining animated illustrations along with audio guidance.
  • High-quality Practice Worksheets.
  • Comprehensive discussion on Abacus Rules.
  • Examinations will be conducted to assess the student's progress after each level.

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