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Why Should You Enrol Your Children in Abacus Classes?

Why Should You Enrol Your Children in Abacus Classes?

In today's rapidly evolving world, it is crucial to equip our children with the necessary skills to succeed in various fields. One such skill that can greatly benefit their overall development is abacus training. Abacus classes provide a unique learning experience...

Learn Abacus!

The Abacus method of mental math calculations is a popular technique from ancient times. Those who have mastered the technique can do fast arithmetic calculations in their mind by visualizing the movement of the beads of an Abacus. Arithmetic’s and mathematics are usually associated with analytic and objective left-brain-dominant activity. However, research shows that Abacus learners use both the left and right hemispheres of their brains to solve mathematical sums. In other words, Abacus allows individuals to use their subjectivity and creativity while also thinking logically to solve arithmetic problems that can help them in their daily lives. Abacus math can help improve children’s concentration and focusing skills.