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AbacusMaster Canada focuses on providing the best abacus training for young students across the country. We help students between the ages 6 to 13, to develop their arithmetic, analytic and other related skills using the unique abacus method.


In AbacusMaster Canada, we lay emphasis on delivering quality-driven abacus math education. We train children to utilise both the rational and creative sides of their brains to help them do mental math faster and with more ease.. We aim to make our students’ learning experiences both enjoyable and enlightening, so that they may do and feel their best when it comes to math.

What makes Abacus Math so unique?

The journey to master the abacus method involves immense training to rapidly solve arithmetic problems first on an abacus, and then eventually in the minds.Over time, students learn their own way to visualize the sliding of beads in their minds, as they would on an abacus. Generally, analytical abilities and functions are performed by the left side of our brains, while creative functions by the right hemispheres. The abacus method involves the usage of both sides of the brain. Consequently, students practice their concentration, memory and imaginative skills, as well as logic, to do math that can also help them in their daily lives.


What is an Abacus?

An abacus is a simple tool used to perform rapid arithmetic calculations that was invented thousands of years ago. An abacus consists of a rectangular frame with a number of vertically arranged rods, each with a number of beads that can freely slide up and down. The beads, rods and movements of said beads, represent numbers, place values, and various arithmetic calculations, respectively.


What is Mental Arithmetic?

Mental arithmetic involves mentally performing arithmetic calculations, which include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, without relying on the use of a pen and paper or any electronic gadgets. This practice relies solely on the capabilities of the human mind to manipulate numbers and perform calculations accurately and efficiently.

Program Highlights

We provide practice videos and worksheets to students in all 8 levels. These resources supplement students’ practice of mental calculations via visualizing the abacus method.. The videos contain clips with flashing numbers that appear on the screen at varying speeds that can be adjusted according to students’ requirements.

Parts of an Abacus

  • Frame: An abacus has a rectangular frame.
  • Beam: A horizontal bar divides the frame.
  • Rods: The abacus we use at AbacusMaster Canada has 17 vertical “rods”. Each rod has a total of 5 beads.
  • Upper beads: Each vertical rod has one bead above the beam. These are called the “upper beads” or the “heaven beads”.
  • Lower beads: Each rod has four beads below the beam. These are called the “lower beads” or the “earth beads”.

Learning Abacus at a Young Age

Mental Math Skills

Abacus training helps children develop exceptional mental math skills. By visualizing and manipulating beads on the abacus, they learn to perform calculations quickly and accurately in their minds. This proficiency in mental arithmetic improves their overall numerical abilities.


Logical Thinking

Abacus training promotes logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Children learn to break down complex calculations into simpler steps, facilitating a systematic approach to problem-solving. This logical thinking skill is valuable not only in math but also in various other subjects and real-life situations.


Working with an abacus requires concentration and focus. Children must pay close attention to the position and movement of the beads, enhancing their ability to concentrate for extended periods. This skill transfers to other areas of learning and improves their overall focus.

Speed and Accuracy

Abacus training improves children’s speed and accuracy in calculations. With practice, they can perform calculations rapidly and precisely, which enhances their overall efficiency in solving math problems. This skill becomes particularly useful during exams or time-sensitive situations.

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Parents testimonials

Ranjeet Brar

My daughter started abacus with abacus master about 2 years ago. She is doing great. I am so happy we have great team in our city to teach our kids mathematics in different ways. They are very hard working people. Saneha was my daughter’s favourite abacus teacher cum friend. She still missed her. Luckily, she likes her new teacher too. I really appreciate their great work. 🙏🏻

Kalifa Bernard

The teachers conducting this program are well organised and are effective at teaching the seemingly difficult principles of Abacus to my five year old daughter. Through their tireless patience and support my daughter’s mathematical curiousity is awaken and she feels a sense of accomplishment. These classes have allowed her to practice her focus and memory skills. Both of which, have benefitted her approach towards her elementry school activities. On her own she plans out her home assigments and looks forward to attending her weekly classes…

Preeti Sethi

My daughter have just completed level 1 and I can see huge difference in her logical thinking and quick calculations. She prefers to do it on her own, instead of using calculator or another trivial methods. This is really helpful and soon we are going to enroll her to level 2. Thank you Abacus Master for shaping her way of calculating maths quick and fast with logical development.

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