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Physical Franchise

Be the part of our proven & sustainable physical franchise network. We are currently having 1000+ offline centres across the World with strong brand identity and customer database.

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Digital Franchise

Partner with us & enjoy the comfort of training from home. All students will be getting our interactive learning portal which makes the online learning more effective & enjoyable

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Why AbacusMaster’s Canada franchise?

why abacus master canada franchise in canada

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Franchise Management Software

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What kind of Franchise Options available for Franchisees?
Franchisees can opt for Digital and Physical store Franchise. In the Digital Franchise, they will be conducting online Abacus classes with the Franchisor’s support. In the case of Physical Franchise, they will be provided support in choosing the City/Area, Availability of spaces in desired locations and a Business Plan to recover the cost in the shortest possible time.
What is the Total investment required to open a AbacusMaster Canada Center?
Startup costs range from $15,000 – $50,000, including a Franchise fee of $7,500/ for a Physical Store Franchise. Digital Franchise cost would be $3,500/
What is the typical Operating cost to run a center?
Rent forms the main cost, typically we require a space of around 700 sq feet in a good neighborhood. Apart from Rent, Teacher’s or Staff cost, Marketing/Promotions, Electricity, Internet, Stationaries are the other cost.
What kind of support does the Franchisees get?
Franchisees will get full training and live job shadowing at the time of opening their center. Training is ongoing and shall be provided periodically apart from specific training that is mutually agreed with the mentor.

Apart from training support, Franchisees are provided Franchisor’s resources such as soft copy of all promotional creatives and videos used for the social media promotions. They can also piggyback Franchisor’s website and social medial pages to minimize their marketing expenses.

How much I can earn monthly as an AbacusMaster Canada Franchisee?
As initial Investments are low as compared to any other Educational Franchise, the Return on Investments are faster typically between 9-12 months time frame. Earnings depend on the location, demographics, Area of the center and Rent. Typically, you will be able to cover your operating expenses (Rent and Staff cost) if you have atleast 20 students overall.
How is AbacusMaster Canada different from other Abacus or Education Franchise providers?
AbacusMaster is pioneer in digital technology, children learn Abacus concepts through text books, worksheets along with our award-winning Abacus portal. Abacus portal is very interactive and vibrant, it is taught in many schools globally, it has thousands of videos for each level making it as one stop solution for achieving focus and concentration in a short span of time.

Revenues are generated from multiple streams. You earn from tuition fees, markups on Registration, Kits and books and exam fees. Apart from this you earn by selling our Self Learning portal, we also teach how you can approach various public/private elementary schools where you can visit and teach students.

Do I need to have a background on Education or know Abacus?
AbacusMaster Franchisees do not need a background in teaching (though nice to have) but must share our passion for education with the objective of creating a child-centric environment that promotes a life-long love of learning for our students. A graduate in under graduation would be ideal.
What is the Application and Approval Process?

The path to becoming an AbacusMaster Canada franchisee is an exciting journey. We will work with you to complete the multi-phased process once you’ve submitted your online application.
Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

  • Complete the franchise interest form on our website
  • Initial Meeting and Discovery Session
  • Submit confidential franchise application form
  • Receive Franchise Agreement to Read, Review and Signature
  • Obtain Franchise Agreement Approval
  • Search and Finalizing of Location
  • Start Leasehold improvements
  • Training and Grand opening

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