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If you are thinking of enrolling your children on abacus classes, then it is important for you to first understand the benefits it offers. Besides the improvement in the ability to calculate and solve math problems mentally, learning an abacus is beneficial in other areas too.

Enhances Cognitive Development

Most children use left side of the brain for analysing information. However, the right side of the brain is key for rational thinking and developing creative skills. The right side of the brain is also responsible for cognitive development. This is where we learn imagination, intuition and visualisation. Abacus classes have shown wonderful results in fostering cognitive development in children.

Makes Mathematics fun

Teaching our children how to solve math problems can be a difficult task. Also, maths being a difficult subject for most children, they tend to quickly develop a negative perception about the subject. So, how can we deal with it?

Let’s make mathematics fun.

An abacus with colourful beads is ideal for young learners, mostly because they find abacus similar to a toy. Therefore, the process of learning abacus and solving problems become a fun task for them.

Boosts Confidence

Children tend lose interest in a subject when they find it difficult. It indirectly affects their confidence levels. Children who practice application of abacus in their primary classes feel more confident not only in maths, but also in their daily lives.

Builds photographic memory

Abacus, in the current times, has been used as a brain development tool. A well-developed brain can help visualise things, concentrate, and coordinate well with the situations around, memorise and recall the events. Abacus improves the photographic memory as the arithmetic calculations are performed mentally by picturing the Abacus. Looking for the best abacus classes in Canada? AbacusMaster Canada, with its team of expert tutors, can help your child become a math genius.