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There are some stages in our lives where one hits the ceiling duringĀ  challenging times, feels demotivated and opts to give up.

Why do some give up?

  • Lack of self confidence and developing self doubt
  • Lack of self discipline.
  • No progress despite multiple attempts to resolve the issue.
  • Negative attitudeĀ  which often proves to be a demotivating factor.

What could be done instead?

  • Taking a step back and evaluating the situation. What actually went wrong?
  • Considering a different approach, looking for alternative ways.
  • Breaking down the situation , taking piece by piece and moving forward towards the final goal in steps.
  • Maintaining positivity in and around you. This is a self booster. Believe in yourself.

Our life comes with ups and down. Celebrate the successes, learn from challenges. Every problem has a solution- some are easy, some hard.

Giving up is easy. Facing and overcoming challenges makes one stronger and discover the hidden capabilities each one of us have within ourselves.

What is your choice- giving up or fighting back??

Sharmila Suresh

Sharmila Suresh

Sharmila Suresh is the Program Director and an Abacus instructor for over 3 years. Her philosophy is to create an environment that fosters the importance of learning and a strong work ethic. She is very passionate and teaches from the heart while allowing students to discover their abilities and mould them into confident individuals.