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A few of the most needed life skills include concentration, critical thinking, self-confidence, communication and taking on challenges. These skills can be developed through many intentional daily activities. Let us now explore a few important life skills and simple ways to nurture them.

Concentration and self-control

All human beings thrive on schedules, habits and routines. This help creates a feeling of security and also helps humans understand self-control and focus. Talk to your children daily about their plans for the day. Support them to ensure that they pursue their day as per the plan. Encourage them to read books, complete puzzles and other such activities which will help them improve their concentration skills.

Critical thinking

We live in a very complicated world where we have to analyse information and make the right decisions. This skill needs to be imparted in our children right from a young age so that their decision-making skills are levelled up once they become adults. Critical thinking skills can be developed in our children by playing board games or outdoor games such as tag or hide and seek. Through these games, children take risks, try out new ideas, make mistakes and find solutions – which ultimately help in building critical thinking.

Take on challenges and build self-confidence

Only children with strong self-confidence tend to take up challenges confidently and come out with flying colours. This process requires children to evolve as resilient adults – being able to take on challenges, bounce back from downfalls, and keep trying. Encourage your child to take on new challenges with a considerable level of risk. This will help them build their confidence level. Want to know what other fun activities can help your child gain all the above-mentioned skills? Learning Abacus can! Abacus is not just a calculating device, it is a life skill which helps your child improve and excel in all walks of life. Looking to take up abacus classes for your children? Talk to us now!