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Math is considered as one of the toughest subjects by many students. However many also consider it as the most scoring subject. Rating it as difficult or easy depends on strategy and a bit of hard work.

Proper understanding of the concepts and building a strong base depends on the efforts and practise one puts in. Repetition is also key. Once the concept and foundation is strong, it starts to make perfect sense which can be used as an application tool for complex calculations. Discussing the pain points with teachers and friends is a great way to help get a grasp over the subject as well. This also helps in arousing interest in the subject.

Math can be fun too. Creating an interest in a subject can contribute towards making that subject easy for students. People across age groups love to spend more time on activities that seem fun to them. This is even more true in the case of children. Introducing children to fun math games and puzzles can increase their interest in the subject without them themselves realizing it. It can lead to better mathematical ability in them.

There are many programs that help alleviate the fear for Maths. Abacus mental math is one such program. The Abacus has been used for centuries as one of the most efficient mathematical tools. It allows for the quick performance of arithmetic operations. The abacus method is an exciting and effective technique to help individuals perform math at a surreal speed. Students are trained to visualize the beads of the Abacus as they perform calculations in their minds. 

Math does not have to be complicated. With the right mindset, mathematics can be made a person’s best friend.

Sharmila Suresh

Sharmila Suresh

Sharmila Suresh is the Program Director and an Abacus instructor for over 3 years. Her philosophy is to create an environment that fosters the importance of learning and a strong work ethic. She is very passionate and teaches from the heart while allowing students to discover their abilities and mould them into confident individuals.