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Mental math skills are key to children’s academic success as they form the foundation for various mathematical concepts. Mathematics is a subject that demands children to be proficient in basic arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. When children can perform these calculations in their minds without the help of paper, a calculator or any other tool, they are said to have strong mental math skills. 

Here are some reasons why mental math skills are important for children’s academic success:

Boosts Confidence

Children with good mental math skills tend to feel more confident in their math abilities. They can quickly solve problems and arrive at answers, which helps to reinforce their confidence in their math skills.

Develops Critical Thinking

Mental math involves solving problems quickly and accurately. It requires children to think critically and make decisions based on the information they have available. This helps to develop their problem-solving and critical thinking skills, which are important for success in other subjects as well.

Saves Time

Mental math skills allow children to perform calculations quickly and efficiently. They can calculate the tip at a restaurant, determine if they have enough money to buy something or even perform basic calculations in their head. This saves them time and helps them to be more productive.

Enhances Memory

Mental math skills require children to remember math facts, which can help to enhance their memory. This also helps them understand mathematical concepts better as they can recall important facts quickly and accurately.

Improves Overall Math Performance

Mental math skills are the foundation for various mathematical concepts. When children have good mental math skills, they can perform calculations quickly and accurately, which helps them to understand other mathematical concepts better. This, in turn, can lead to improved overall math performance.

Mental math skills are important for children’s academic success. They boost confidence, develop critical thinking, save time, enhance memory, and improve math performance. Parents and teachers can help children develop their mental math skills by giving them regular opportunities to practice mental math, such as asking them to calculate sums and differences in their heads. Taking up abacus classes is a great way to help your children develop mental math skills. AbacusMaster Canada holds expertise in providing personalised Abacus training for children across different age groups. 

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