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AbacusMaster Canada focuses on providing the best abacus training for young students across the country. We help students between the ages 6 to 13, to develop their arithmetic, analytic and other related skills using the unique abacus method. In AbacusMaster Canada, we lay emphasis on delivering quality-driven abacus math education. We train children to utilise both the rational and creative sides of their brains to help them do mental math faster and with more ease.. We aim to make our students’ learning experiences both enjoyable and enlightening, so that they may do and feel their best when it comes to math.

 To Be Your Own

  • 1. Low Initial Investment
  • 2. Strong demand for child development programs in Canada
  • 3. An Established brand leader and proven business model
  • 4. Franchise and Student Portal with structured syllabus
  • 5. Teachers Training and support at all times
  • 6. No previous experience required
  • 7. Low operating cost and easy to start in 30 days
  • 8. Very low direct competition
  • 9. Student Learning Kits
  • 10. Online Assessment and Certification

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Franchisee Requirments

1. Ability to Investment in a Business venture

2. Solid Leadership and Business Management skills

3. Entrepreneurial Skills to see the big picture as well run the day-to-day operations

4. Enjoy Interactions with parents, students and Course Instructors

5. Resourceful and Multi-tasking Individuals

6. Strong Communication and Interpersonal Skills