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How many of us feel distracted while trying to complete an urgent task? It’s a common issue we face in our daily lives. Focus and concentration are vital for succeeding in any task. This could feel like a challenge but can be acquired with some effort and discipline.

  • Self Assessment

Each one of us has our own capabilities. Identifying that is very important to measure our areas of strengths and weaknesses.

  • Eliminate distractions

Identify factors that keep disrupting the workflow. Try to stay away from them or choose a place where it is possible to avoid these.

  • Take breaks

The more time spent on something, the more likely it is for the mind to wander. So, take regular breaks. It can help the mind refocus. 

  • Practice meditation

Meditation and exercises are proven ways to improve concentration. Try these out.

  • Play memory games

Memory games are often helpful to improving focus. In children, it helps in their brain development, and for adults, it helps maintain neuroplasticity of the brain and decrease the speed of mental degradation.

  • Exercise and a healthy diet

Regular exercise and a healthy diet can improve brain function and improve one’s ability to focus and pay attention.

  • Regular sleep schedule

A regular sleep schedule can do more help than any brain game or exercise. Sleep gives the brain time to recover and is essential for its proper functioning. 

  • Music for concentration

For many people, music can improve concentration. Try it out and see whether it is helpful. 

  • Practice practice practice

Concentration and focus are like any other skill. It improves with practice. So, keep working on it.

Do you know what else improves focus and concentration? 

Learning Abacus does. Mastering the abacus improves your focus, concentration, self-confidence and develops photographic memory. 

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Sharmila Suresh

Sharmila Suresh

Sharmila Suresh is the Program Director and an Abacus instructor for over 3 years. Her philosophy is to create an environment that fosters the importance of learning and a strong work ethic. She is very passionate and teaches from the heart while allowing students to discover their abilities and mould them into confident individuals.